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a toast post

My love of toast runs deep. Case in point, here, here, here, and here-just to name a few. Toast is an all-in-one creative blueprint that’s yours for the customizing, which is what makes it so versatile and appealing. I’ll never tire of coming up with new goodies to top my toasts with, and if you’re in need of something other than the usual avocado toast (don’t get me wrong, it’s the OG), then read on for some new toast topping options!

I’ve got four toast ideas for you today; all of them are incredibly satisfying and relatively easy to build. And because they all offer up different flavors and textures-it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Try all four! For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, these toasts have you covered. And after trying these bad boys, why not whip up a toast of your own? You never know what new flavor combo you’ll stumble upon that’ll change your toast game for good.

And if you create a toast that you’re in love with, send the recipe my way! I’m eating my way through toasty goodness, one topped slice at a time.

Toast 1!
Your choice of bread, ricotta, thinly sliced apples, and apricot jam

Toast 2!
Your choice of bread, artichoke and spinach dip, topped with prosciutto

Toast 3!
Choice of bread, red pepper hummus, roasted carrots, chopped basil

Toast 4!
Choice of bread, cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced hard boiled egg, capers, and red onion



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