Stirring up beauty in the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Kara.

I believe that food is really powerful. Powerful enough to make us even feel beautiful. That’s why the way we approach food means more to me than most. It almost means everything.

With that, there’s a value of beauty, of excellence and of connecting with others that brings real life to me that I crave to share.

I want to show you how food can be a vehicle to help experience all these things.

I believe food should be accessible. And I love empowering people in the kitchen, teaching them to abandon the rules and to cook with intuition; from repurposing to using what is in front of me to create delectable dishes, it’s doable to pursue food as an instrumental ingredient to life.

I want to create a space for you to welcome others into your life. Into your highs and into your lows. To initiate conversations that go deeper than anticipated and to extend the capacity of creating such a space for all seasons of life, not just morning, noon and night.

Welcome to By Kara Elise, a place where everything is said and enjoyed over the table.