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dinner with tequila herradura at STK

Can we talk about my love of succulents and copper?? They’re two things I absolutely go nuts over when it comes to decor. When Herradura Tequila asked Caroline from Love & Loathing LA and I to co-host a dinner, we were immediately on the same page about decor. We’re both nerds for creating the perfect dinner aesthetic, and we spent the morning perusing the Downtown Los Angeles flower mart for delicious succulents and copper vases. Sadly, we didn’t find the kind of copper we were looking for, so we took matters into our own hands- and got crafty with spray paint. That is one of my favorite things whenever I’m designing a dinner party: I love dreaming up a vision, and then adding in elements of spontaneity whenever my original vision isn’t readily available.

So we got down and dirty and spray painted our vases with speckles of copper, and added miniature take-home succulents for each guest. Then, we chose florals that would compliment our vision and settled on a palette of white with pink pops, to enhance the muted neutral feel we were going for. We set up shop at STK – a fantastic steakhouse in Los Angeles with the most darling private outdoor patio.

The dinner itself was delightful. Caroline and I each created our own crafted tequila cocktail, based on our flavor preferences and the feel of the summer season. You can see the full recipe for my Elderflower Margarita here!! Even though it’s not summer anymore, it’s still perfect for any party!

We spent the first hour of our dinner party dining on delicious tuna tartare bites, mini sliders, and of course endless cocktails. Then, before we sat down for an intimate conversational dinner, we divided our guests into teams to craft their own cocktail for a tequila cocktail competition. The winning team created a spicy yet sweet ginger margarita that not only tasted amazing, but was beautiful too. Take a look at all the cocktails that participated in our competition, below! Gorgeous right?!


As with any hosting situation or dinner party, adding special elements of decor, and fun, interactive components like friendly competitions creates such a bonding experience for your guests. Try adding table questions or fun games to get guests talking and interacting in a tactile way- it makes a world of a difference!

My next LA dinner party will be on October 3rd with Women and Whiskies! If you’re interested in attending, keep checking back on my events page! I’d love to dine with you! x.



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