how to make easy kimchi!


If you’ve never had kimchi, it is most certainly worth giving a try. Kimchi is a Korean food made up of spicy pickled cabbage, and tops pretty much everything from fried rice, to summer rolls, to dumplings. Some die-hard kimchi eaters will eat it straight from the jar!

It can be customized to your liking from spice level to additional ingredients like sugar, carrots, or shrimp. Kimchi is made using the same fermentation process one would use to make dill pickles or sauerkraut (speaking of, check out this video on making your own sauerkraut recipe at home!), and fermented foods boast a slew of health benefits, like the creation of beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, and strains of healthy probiotics.

Watch the video that I styled with The Kitchn above, check out the step-by-step recipe here, and get to making your own kimchi at home!



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