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epic seed – my new yogurt obsession

This past weekend, I got to do a little Instagram takeover for my friends over at Epic Seed, a nutrient packed, 100% organic, filled-with-all-good-things yogurt. It is honestly my new yogurt obsession- it’s filled with protein and substance, and has that delightful chia texture that makes you feel like you’re eating a meal as opposed to just a yogurt. In my takeover, I shared a couple of my favorite ways to begin a day, and chatted about the importance of treating yourself well and nourishing your body in the morning.

So why is this simple yogurt my new favorite? To start- I’m such an advocate for giving your body the best things. When you treat yourself well, it shows. When you love yourself well, it’s apparent. And food is a great way to start. When we acknowledge our own value and give our bodies the best resources, it impacts every area of life. Sound dramatic? Potentially. But, our bodies are creations that thrive on good fuel. These Epic Seed yogurts are that. Gluten free, milk from grass fed cows, non-gmo, full of probiotics, and rBGH free (which basically means they don’t pump hormones into your food). Comforting right? And it’s so darn delicious.

My favorite of the bunch is the coconut- I’ve been making these morning bowls with a coconut flavored Epic Seed, banana slices, toasted coconut, a bit of cocoa powder, and some chopped walnuts. It’s my jam. So fulfilling, sustaining, and great for the fall. And with 17 grams of protein in just one container, I’m starting my day in a way that is intentional and lasting.

Check out a couple of my recipes on the Epic Seed Instagram, or visit their website to find out where you can snag one.



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