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brunch at firefly + a lobster scramble

April 12, 2017

I am such a fan of brunch. Any day, anywhere. I love a good avocado toast, a mimosa, and lingering over the best meal with a few girlfriends. That is the beauty of food to me really, that it creates an experience and space to exist with one another. To linger. To actually take time to ask questions, be present and enter into one another’s lives. Brunch in my mind, is the perfect setting for just that. The beautiful Firefly (which happens to be this mysterious almost secret-like) entrance in Studio City recently started doing a brunch that has a reputation of being delightful, so I knew I had to pop in for a visit.

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Breakkie Food

3 renewing breakkie recipes

January 24, 2017

It’s no secret that I am the biggest advocate of breakfast. I have this love for starting my morning intentionally, with the purpose of nourishing my body well, and giving it the things it needs to start strong and sustain the demands of the day. As with every new year, this one has come with the desire to renew, refresh, and restart my wellness routine. I love the idea of renewal as a theme for January. It’s a month to begin again, and these three breakfast recipes are great (and super easy) go-to’s for anyone looking to revamp their morning rituals.

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Breakkie Food

zucchini & berries breakfast bread

November 7, 2016

Monday mornings call for breakfast bread, I think. Breakfast bread filled with delicious blackberries, blueberries, and zucchini, alongside my largest mug of tea.

In last week’s newsletter {which you can sign up for in the column just to the right of this post!}, I spoke a little of this time of year bringing plans on plans on plans when the weekend rolls around. Catching up with friends, errands, and of course the start of holiday party season, can leave me so exhausted come Monday- and it’s only the start of my week!

What’s a girl to do but try to unwind while simultaneously preparing for the week ahead over a mouthwatering, slice of breakfast bread? If I’ve baked it over the weekend or during the week prior, my morning begins more relaxed knowing I’ve already got breakkie covered and waiting for me.

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Breakkie Food Products I Love Series

epic seed – my new yogurt obsession

November 1, 2016

This past weekend, I got to do a little Instagram takeover for my friends over at Epic Seed, a nutrient packed, 100% organic, filled-with-all-good-things yogurt. It is honestly my new yogurt obsession- it’s filled with protein and substance, and has that delightful chia texture that makes you feel like you’re eating a meal as opposed to just a yogurt. In my takeover, I shared a couple of my favorite ways to begin a day, and chatted about the importance of treating yourself well and nourishing your body in the morning.

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Breakkie Food

market egg skillet

October 12, 2016

Breakkie has my heart, without a doubt. See herehere, and here, not to mention many other posts on this little bloggy.

And make it an easy breakkie? Even better! I love whipping up dishes that require minimal effort so I can focus on whatever else I may be doing, or whoever I may have visiting.

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Breakkie Food

mixed fruit and coconut yogurt parfait

October 5, 2016

We’re lucky that here in California, certain foods are seasonally available for longer periods of time, depending on our local farms {and the weather of course; we’re still seeing temps around the high 80s around here so fall is still ever so slightly out of reach}.

In a recent Farmbox delivery of mine, I was thrilled to see a few of my summer favorites still lingering around. I knew I had to savor the last bit of summer sweetness and let these fruits shine in a simple parfait.

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