a ginger + honey latte with Nespresso

This time of year brings such energy; to-dos are wrapping up as we approach a fresh year, gatherings and celebrations can be found aplenty, and the general hustle and bustle of things is heightened. As you know, I love a good gathering full of all the delicious things, but I treasure my intentional mornings and moments of rest, just as much.

I look forward to slow moments in my morning where I can reflect and linger over my cup of coffee {or two!}, and no coffee company feels quite as intentional as Nespresso. I believe in eating and drinking beautifully, from the inside out, which is why I’ve partnered with Nespresso to bring you my very own Nespresso latte creation!

Not too long ago, I popped into the Nespresso Boutique in Beverly Hills, CA, and guys- it’s just the cutest! A bright and welcoming space, with an aesthetic designed specifically with Los Angeles in mind, this Nespresso Boutique is my new favorite spot. Whether you’re looking for some alone time, a workspace, or a spot to grab a bite with friends, the Nespresso Boutique has you covered. The menu is so well thought out, with everything from sweet {do yourself a favor and grab some macarons to go} to savory {oh and their quiche!}, but the real star is obviously their jaw-dropping coffee selection.

The first thing that catches your gaze upon entering the Boutique is the rainbow wall of coffee capsules organized by color. It is no joke an art installation- it’s gorgeous! I was blown away at the knowledge of the staff, their patience as I sampled and sampled and sampled, and their genuine passion for all things coffee and Nespresso. The options are endless guys, who knew there would be so much to know and so much to taste? Nespresso has something for everyone, with endless flavors and recipes at the ready, as well as creative leeway for you to order your coffee as you’d like it. Oh and ps, if you’re looking for a suggestion, their seasonal banana bread coffee is a necessity.

But the best part of the Nespresso Boutique? You can take it all home with you. Making the perfect cup of coffee or espresso isn’t limited to your in-store experience. Thanks to Nespresso, their line of machines, capsules, and accessories allow you to indulge in the highest quality coffee, wherever you may be. Oh, and did I mention their long-term approach in sustainability, ensuring sustainability across all operations from sourcing to recycling {a huge fyi, their capsules are recyclable- you can mail them in or drop them off at any local Nespresso Boutique or recycling location found on their site}.

So, delicious coffee to start my intentional mornings and a company who cares about their customer and the community? Yes please.

I left the Nespresso Boutique feeling inspired, and am so excited to share this recipe with you. I bet once you make it, it’ll become a mainstay in your morning coffee routine. It has comforting flavors like nutmeg and a sweetness thanks to the honey, all balanced by a little kick of ginger.

Additionally, I’m over-the-moon-excited to share that for those of you in LA or if you happen to be visiting in January, Nespresso will be featuring my Ginger + Honey Latte at their Nespresso Boutique in Beverly Hills for your drinking pleasure! Eek!

Ginger + Honey Latte with Nespresso
serves one

What you’ll need:
Nespresso VertuoLineâ„¢ Evoluo Machine
1 Vanizio capsule
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 cup milk of choice
Aeroccino Plus milk frother
Ground nutmeg, for garnish

Place your honey and ground ginger in your mug or glass of choice.
Place your Vanizio capsule into your machine, close the lid and lock, then press the button and watch your Nespresso prepare coffee magic!
While your coffee is pouring, place your milk in the frother and froth it to your liking.
Once your coffee is brewed, give it all a quick stir.
Top your coffee with the frothed milk.
Sprinkle your finished drink with nutmeg.

This post was brought to you by Nespresso. I’d love to see your Nespresso creations, so use the hashtag #NespressoMoments when sharing your own special moments!



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