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halloween cocktail roundup

It’s that time of year friends, for spooks and costumes and endless sugar rushes. Halloween is a fun holiday; in my mind, it ushers in the rest of fall, and brings us closer to slow times with family and the people we love. Plus, how fun is it to get dressed up once a year and bring out that childlike nature in all of us?! This Halloween, I’ve rounded up 4 of my favorite spooktastic cocktails. These adult libations are a great fit for any Halloween party, and add to the playful fun of October’s ending celebration.

First up, we’ve got the Sleepy Hollow {from The Jewels of New York}. Made with deliciously smoky mezcal, absinthe and rosemary, this delightful drink is not only festive, but also hauntingly beautiful.


Next up we’ve got the Corpse Reviver No. 2 {from The Life Styled}. This drink is a real reviver- made with gin, Cointreau, white wine, and absinthe, it will surely give your holiday a real kick.


Third, I’ve picked the La Llorona {from Tastespotting}. During my time in London, I fell in love with pisco, and this drink does a fantastic job highlighting its delightful flavor.


Lastly, we’ve got a Black Sangria {from Sugar and Charm}– a perfectly dark and moody spin on your classic sangria, to add festivity to your Halloween. This recipe is great because it’s easy to make a large batch beforehand- so your party is ready to go.


Happy Halloween and happy cocktailing friends!



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