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gin lavender coffee cocktails with illy

Welcome to the weekend friends! I hope your week has been full and productive. With the change in season and the hope of things to come, I love creating recipes that emulate the shift this month has been bringing . This delicious gin + lavender cocktail is the perfect yet incredibly unique addition to your cocktail repertoire. With the herbal flavors of lavender and the buzz thanks to the caffeine, it’s quite the cocktail to match this season of productivity.

I also love teaming up with creative and innovative women. Recently, my dear friend Amanda introduced me to Jen of The Effortless Chic and we spent an afternoon crafting this cocktail and making beautiful messes with her new Illy machine (which is the MOST darling thing btw).

Coffee is so underrated in the cocktail world… You generally think of a white russian or an espresso martini whenever coffee is included but it mostly ends there. This delicious little drink is great for anytime of day. It’s also light and refreshing and not filled with the standard heavy cream that accompanies most coffee cocktails.

This weekend, if you’re brunching with friends or need a caffeine fix with some intriguing additions, try this pretty gin + lavender coffee cocktail- it is a summer must.

(makes 2 cocktails)

For the lavender simple syrup:
-2 c. water
-2 c. sugar
-2 tbl. culinary lavender (plus more for garnish)

-4 shots of espresso (we used the illy medium roast capsules)
-2 c. almond milk (or any milk of your choosing)
-2 tbl. culinary lavender (plus more for garnish)
-4 ounces of gin
-cinnamon or nutmeg for dusting (optional)


1. Over medium heat combine water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add lavender. Simmer for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes. Strain out your lavender and pour syrup into a bottle or jar. (This step can be completed up to 5 days in advance and you can use this lavender simple syrup in all kinds of other baked goods or on top of pancakes or waffles!)

2. Using your espresso maker pull two shots for each glass, add 1 tablespoon of lavender simple syrup, 2 ounces of gin, and fill the remainder of the glass with steamed almond milk. Top with foam, extra lavender, and a light dusting of cinnamon or nutmeg if you wish!



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