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meraki – own your story.

You guys- I’m so excited today to have one of my dearest and most creative friends Heidi Burkey write a guest post. She is a friend from LA with a similar heartbeat, and is one of the most talented storytellers I know. A few months back, I partnered with 3 of my best friends (one of them being Heidi) and together we created a women’s retreat called MERAKI. The word has origins in greek and means to put the essence of who you are into what you do. It has been so much of my life- to find what I love and to pour my energy into creating things that matter to me and bring life to those around me. MERAKI is a retreat that hopes to inspire women to do just that. SO- read a bit about it. And if you’re around in March, join us in Carmel for an amazing weekend of refreshment and intentionality. 

From Heidi:

My dream for Meraki began three years ago when I gathered a group of dear friends to retreat to our family’s cabin in Yosemite. I had no intention for the weekend – no schedule, no plan – I just wanted to share one of my favorite places in the world with my some of my most favorite women. There were no leaders, workshops, or mediations – only 8 women with 8 profound stories (and of course tons of good food and wine). What I unexpectedly discovered that weekend was the capacity of women to shift one another’s stories simply by living out the pure essence of who they are. Every one of those ladies walked away from that weekend noting it as a marker of change in their lives.

As women, it is in our nature to put the essence of who we are into everything we make or do. We are relational and intentional. We all have the capacity to live deeply rooted and thematic stories but so often we are deterred by fear or misplaced identity. And so our work, our relationships suffer because of it. I am so passionate about Meraki because I see it as a natural tool from which I can help guide women further into understanding and owning their stories. The retreat is curated in such a way that it mirrors the strength of our femininity, our womanhood. It gives us the space to remember our dreams and the time to reflect on our lives. It gives us the tools to find our story, acknowledge our beauty, welcome our identity and seek the wholeness of spirit we crave.

As artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, teachers, creators, we can get lost in the story of what we do. We start to define ourselves by “I’m a mom” or “I work at a creative agency” or “I’m an artist.” Through Meraki, I really want to explore, ‘What is our story? Who are we?’ I want to help women identify themes in their story so they can contribute those with intentional direction and live out of the authenticity of their being. I truly believe that when we give ourselves into something, the essence of our beings manifests itself into the world. And the world will only be better for it.

Photos by Amanda Gallant




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