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summer kale clean salad with a fried egg

June 20, 2017

I recently got to do a little series of videos with some of the world’s greatest humans, Paper Antler.

They’re the kind of friends that last through every season, and working with them is just FUN. We did a series of easy, quick, and nourishing videos, all in tune to Jonny’s amazing beats.

Food, eating well, nourishing our bodies- these things we do on the daily have the power to heal. I’ve been thinking a lot about the gut. It’s this part of our body that we have to fine tune our selves to listen to… It’s a practice. It’s a discipline to slow down enough and pay attention to the way that something feels internally.

This afternoon over a conversation with a friend, we spoke about how everyone can identify with pain, because we all spend our lives trying to run from it. I think often with food, with nourishment, we are absent minded to it’s effect on the way we feel- we spend our days running too fast to notice what a meal makes us feel. But truthfully, it’s one of the greatest practices you can begin to value. Because when you slow down to listen to your gut, everything else begins to illuminate. You begin to notice other small things. You learn to listen more intently. You tune in.

This salad, is simple, it’s so darn good, and it’s a gut friendly one. Make it. Slow down a little bit. And give a pause to how and what you feel today. You’re worth your time.

Bigger Bits Food Series What I'm Eating

ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and sage

November 17, 2016

When my friend Caroline called with a recipe for homemade ricotta gnocchi, asking if I’d like to whip them up with her, the answer was an obvious absolutely. Before I knew it, she was at my doorstep with ingredients in hand. I poured us some wine {because wine goes with everything} and we got to cooking.

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Bigger Bits Food Series What I'm Eating

three salad ideas for your next dinner party

October 20, 2016

I’m a celebrator of beauty and connection through food and celebration. Gathering those I love, and even strangers that I’ll come to love, around a table is so crucial to who I am.

Hosting is often so intimidating for people- and I love creating ways to lessen that intimidation. Sometimes, simplicity with food wins. Gathering, eating, and celebrating don’t need to be complicated. Sometimes we get lost in the chaos of presentation and perfection, forgetting what truly matters when bringing people together.

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roasted potatoes with seven minute eggs

August 18, 2016

Summer dishes are in full effect at my house. With the season wrapping up and people getting those summer parties in before the long sunny days are over, an easy side dish at your fingertips is a must-have for all those final backyard BBQs. This delicious (and remarkably simple) side is made with locally sourced baby roasted potatoes, and some farm raised eggs. And, as with most of my dishes, a delicious condiment is a great accompaniment to add an extra kick of flavor.

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Breakkie Food Series What I'm Eating

5 ways to eat eggs on whole 30

April 8, 2016

My journey on Whole 30 has ended, can you believe it? With all my nervousness about giving up some of my favorite things (aka wine and bubble gum), it was actually a pretty incredible month. I loved the way it challenged me to think about the things I put in my body, and it challenged me to get creative and playful in the kitchen. I think that starting your day well is such a gift to give yourself, and during Whole 30, I loved coming up with breakkies that were full of flavor and more than just your standard fried egg. So today I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to eat eggs during your Whole 30 journey. And if you’re beginning the process- these dishes are great anytime of the day, not just breakfast!

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Breakkie Food Series What I'm Eating

two ingredient pancakes

March 24, 2016

Honestly, when I heard about this recipe a couple years back from some Paleo friends, I was convinced it was too good to be true. Two ingredients? Pancakes? Surely not. But since I’ve ventured into Whole 30 and have been looking to mix up my breakkie routine, I went back to give this recipe a go. And truthfully- it’s amazing. You take a banana, two eggs, throw them in a blender, and voila! Breakfast magic.

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