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I had a birthday on Wednesday, and was so grateful to spend it gallivanting around my favorite city in the world: London. For me, London is a place of magic. It’s a city filled with wonder, creativity, such diverse culture, and amazing food. I remember when I was younger, the stereotype of London food was absolutely terrible. But now, some of the top chefs in the world have ventured to London to completely alter the once boring food scene. I’ve been in pure foodie heaven, having some of the most delectable bites ever.

For my birthday dinner, my dear friend Courtney and I popped over to Bull In A China Shop, an East London Japanese whiskey bar that was recommended by some of our LA friends. It was a Wednesday and my birthday, so of course I was wanting to celebrate with whiskey.  The entire restaurant is absolutely charming. Not only does Bull In A China Shop boast an extensive whiskey list (which is actually quite rare in London), they also have such a creative culinary spread ranging from ribeye steaks to fish finger burgers. Their garlic and ginger sauce was mouthwatering. And the tempura soft shell crab? Amazing.

My birthday lunch was spent at Pizza East, which is a darling Notting Hill restaurant with some of the most delightful burrata and my favorite olives in London. The interiors are impeccable and the feel of the place is alive and buzzing. Courtney and I spent lunch chatting about the timing of this trip, reminiscing on a few incredible years of friendship, and laughing at memories past.

This whole trip has been such a gift. It’s been an amazing thing to start a new year in a city that awakens so much life in me. I think that sometimes getting out of what feels normal to us stirs up so much internally. It stirs up what we love, what we hunger for, and what our hearts yearn and hope for. Every time I have the opportunity to leave my normal, I’m reminded of the things that matter to me. Even venturing into the food scene in another city reminds me of the innate creativity in humanity- how we are all made to create and to celebrate. I’m reminded of the story and life inside each one of us that calls out for beauty and connection. This birthday I possess an overwhelming gratitude that I am entering a new year with a little extra burst of inspiration. Welcome to 2016 friends!



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