summer whiskey wednesdays!

You guys! I’m so excited to bring Whiskey Wednesdays back to Los Angeles this summer! I started Whiskey Wednesdays in 2013 on a whim while drinking whiskey on my floor with my friend Heidi.

“We should invite people over to drink whiskey with us,” I say. (We are both HIGH extroverts). I will cook for them, I say. And we could have dinner parties with strangers. We keep ideating and ultimately come up with this idea of “Whiskey Wednesdays”- a bi-monthly dinner party for strangers. Creating space for people to connect around food and drink in an authentic and genuine way.

In a city like LA, where time is precious, space is expansive, pretense is heightened, and life is chaotic, this kind of REAL connection is rare.

 So I begin Whiskey Wednesdays.

Two of my friends in downtown had built a 16 person dining room table, and were moving back to Venice, so they sold it to me at cost. I started furnishing the loft through a series of literal miracles. And then in August of 2013, I hosted my first WW.

If you’ve met me or had dinner with me, you know I love intentional questions. I love understanding people, the way they’re wired, and what makes them tick.

So table questions became the mantra of every Whiskey Wednesday. It became the way of engaging the entire table.

And table questions carry power. Because if I ask you about your favorite childhood vacation, you’re actually revealing to me a deeper truth about what shaped you, what you value, how you experience fun, and so on. And when you do that with a group of strangers, it’s so bonding. And can be brought to the level of vulnerability that a group of people is willing to go.

So many friendships, partnerships, and even dates came out of Whiskey Wednesdays for people.

I was once at a rooftop concert in Hollywood, and the spoken word poet asked the crowd if anyone was in love. This darling couple in front of me raised their hands giddily and of course had the most adorable love-filled kiss when they announced their love to the crowd. At the end of the show while I was talking with friends, they turned around to me. Are you Kara? they asked me? Yup! I said.

We met at your loft at a Whiskey Wednesday! They told me.

I nearly died from excitement. I felt like in that moment, everything I did made sense to me. Creating space for connection. It is so powerful, And FOOD. Hosting people for food- it’s this universal language that we all have. We have to eat. And fun eating is just another way to create an environment to welcome one another into.

So- all that said, I’m SUPER excited to bring back this form of dining to downtown LA again this summer. We’ve got a three part series, and I’d love to see you there. Bring a friend or come solo- it’s a safe space of meeting people without agenda, simply for the sake of connecting.

Here are some photos from a dinner at the loft last year that I did with Women + Whiskies. But don’t worry, this one is all about men and women.

Space is limited to keep the environment intimate, so grab your tickets here! 



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