Inspiration Series The Table

England! A life (a little) disrupted…

April 2, 2018

I spent my 33rd birthday in England.
With friends, at a wine bar, then out later for dancing.
33 is the Jesus year. I remember the year approaching, feeling excited, overwhelmed, and completely shocked that I was actually 33. Already. How did that happen? Life- it just goes and goes and turns and sometimes we find ourself in spaces we never would have foresaw.

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Food Picky Bits Series What I'm Eating

roasted potatoes with seven minute eggs

August 18, 2016

Summer dishes are in full effect at my house. With the season wrapping up and people getting those summer parties in before the long sunny days are over, an easy side dish at your fingertips is a must-have for all those final backyard BBQs. This delicious (and remarkably simple) side is made with locally sourced baby roasted potatoes, and some farm raised eggs. And, as with most of my dishes, a delicious condiment is a great accompaniment to add an extra kick of flavor.

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Food Picky Bits Products I Love Series

thrive algae oil and the ultimate sweet potatoes

April 1, 2016

You guys…I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite things. You know when you’re making sweet potato fries in the oven and you can’t get that perfect crisp? Or when you’re heating a pan and the oil you’re using gets so smokey? Enter Thrive– a culinary algae oil. This magic oil is light and neutral, and has a high cook point which means it’s able to cook your food at high high heat. Soggy sweet potatoes solved.

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