the bourbon pumpkin

November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is practically here! Can you believe it? Last week I headed down to Austin to throw a Women + Whiskies Party with Noonday Collection. I’m honestly so amazed at the amount of creative women in this world. Each time I host one of these events, I’m blown away at the talent, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the gusto of the women who attend. We gathered Tuesday evening for a cocktail party at South Congress Hotel, and together with my friends Ruthie Lindsey and Jen Pinkston, we hosted a party to celebrate women in Austin, while sipping on our delicious whiskey libations.

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the canadian pumpkin- a holiday whiskey cocktail

November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving is coming! It is truthfully my favorite time of year. Eating all the delicious things with all the delicious condiments, lingering way too long at the dinner table and slothfully transitioning into pie-time. The smells, the colors, the change in the air, it’s all so deliciously delightful! And, fall flavors carry this warmth quality that brings comfort to any dish or drink. One of my favorite of all the holiday flavors is pumpkin… Have you ever tried it in a cocktail? It’s magic.

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Food Picky Bits

blistered shishito peppers with toasted sesame seeds

September 27, 2016

You know what I’ve been addicted to lately? Shishito peppers. Blistered shishito peppers started popping up on menus all around LA about a couple of summers ago, and for good reason! These peppers are a highly addictive picky bit to start off any meal. They’re bright green and fairly mellow, except for the occasional spicy one that packs a punch- so it’s fun eating them too, cause you never know if you’ll get one spicy guy out of the bunch!

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Bigger Bits Food

butternut squash and quinoa salad

October 27, 2015

Fall flavors are popping up everywhere. I had a delivery of local fall foods to the loft yesterday- persimmons, squash, and the last of fig season. I spent the morning doing some dreaming and brainstorming, and am so thrilled at what the remainder of this year has to offer. Honestly you guys- Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything in between… I couldn’t be more excited. I want to really be fully in this season, soaking it all up.

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Drinks Series Whiskey Wednesday

spiced apple and clove whisky cocktail

October 21, 2015

I woke up this morning and it smelled like fall. That is a rarity in LA- and I’m treasuring it. Yesterday I spent the afternoon baking hot-toddy challah with the ladies of Challah Hub- and my entire loft was fragrant with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Recipes for those challahs are coming your way next week. It’s such an amazing food and smell season with warm and comforting flavors infusing everything around me. I love it.

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