Food Sweets

honey baked pears

December 13, 2016

Sometimes I crave something sweet, but look to satiate that craving while sticking to a healthier lifestyle. In those moments, I reach for fruit. Its natural sugar content keeps my sweet tooth happy but stays in line with feeding my body as healthfully and naturally as possible.

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Food Picky Bits Products I Love Series

baked goat cheese with honey, figs, and rosemary

November 2, 2015

I’ve been with family all weekend- and by family, I mean the whole family. Which is such a rare and treasured occasion. With four siblings, two with spouses and babies, who live in all quadrants of the country, it’s such a unique gift to all be in the same physical space at any given time. We are such a foodie family- and I love that about us. We plan our vacations around where we will be dining, and course our vacations based on what restaurant each of us is dying to try. This vacation, we’ve been resting at a beautiful oceanside resort complete with kitchens, which has allowed for some slow brunches and home cooked meals.

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