Food Sweets

honey baked pears

December 13, 2016

Sometimes I crave something sweet, but look to satiate that craving while sticking to a healthier lifestyle. In those moments, I reach for fruit. Its natural sugar content keeps my sweet tooth happy but stays in line with feeding my body as healthfully and naturally as possible.

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Food Picky Bits Series What I'm Eating

roasted potatoes with seven minute eggs

August 18, 2016

Summer dishes are in full effect at my house. With the season wrapping up and people getting those summer parties in before the long sunny days are over, an easy side dish at your fingertips is a must-have for all those final backyard BBQs. This delicious (and remarkably simple) side is made with locally sourced baby roasted potatoes, and some farm raised eggs. And, as with most of my dishes, a delicious condiment is a great accompaniment to add an extra kick of flavor.

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