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heirloom + garbanzo + basil salad with fresh lime

October 12, 2017

I love hosting more than anything- I love inviting people into space. But let’s be real- cooking for groups of people can be both exhausting and I N T I M I D A T I N G. This simple salad recipe is one that I love for fall. It’s vibrant. Packed with flavor and color and nutrients, it’s a guaranteed guest pleaser. And don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity… With only a few ingredients it’s still a knock out dish that will leave your friends feeling full and satisfied!

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the perfect summer salad

May 13, 2016

About a week ago, two of my favorite LA women came over to play and style some fun dishes at the loft. I am such a fan of having people in my space- maybe it’s the hostess in me, but I actually feel more known when I have the opportunity to welcome friends in and spend afternoons lingering over good food. The darling Jen from The Effortless Chic and Amanda Gallant came over after a chaotic week, and we spent a few hours playing with ingredients, recipe dreaming, and practicing the art of slowing down and just hanging out together. This salad is a go-to for me every summer. With fresh corn and the bite of the red onion, it’s an easy and delicious way to get that fix of summer flavor.

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butternut squash and quinoa salad

October 27, 2015

Fall flavors are popping up everywhere. I had a delivery of local fall foods to the loft yesterday- persimmons, squash, and the last of fig season. I spent the morning doing some dreaming and brainstorming, and am so thrilled at what the remainder of this year has to offer. Honestly you guys- Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything in between… I couldn’t be more excited. I want to really be fully in this season, soaking it all up.

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