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The Elderflower Margarita presented by Tequila Herradura

The weekend is here and with Labor Day ahead of us to celebrate the end of summer, what better way to get festive than to create a custom {DELICIOUS} cocktail with some fantastic tequila:  Tequila Herradura Silver. Together with Herradura, I crafted this Elderflower Margarita- a perfect cocktail for any celebration.

When Tequila Herradura asked me to whip up a favorite cocktail of mine, I immediately thought of their Tequila paired with some of my go-to citrus flavors: grapefruit and lime. Then, to balance out all that punch, I added elderflower liquor to the mix, knowing that its bright and fragrant flavor would help sweeten things up.

Tequila Herradura Silver has this distinctly sweet agave flavor that is slightly mellowed by its time in an oak barrel. It’s a tequila that is robust and full of fruit flavors, with hints of vanilla and wood, which in my mind is a perfect setup for citrus and elderflower.

The cocktail itself is simple- and truth be told- one of my favorite colors! Add in that kiwi and grapefruit and you have a perfect summer-ending celebratory drink that’s great for any festive occasion or hurrah.

The Elderflower Margarita
{Makes 1}

1 slice Kiwi
1 slice Grapefruit
1.5 parts Tequila Herradura Silver
.5 part fresh grapefruit juice
.5 part fresh lime juice
.25 part elderflower liquor
.25 part grapefruit liquor

Combine fruit and Tequila Herradura Silver into a cocktail shaker.
Add a scoop of ice, and remaining juice and liquor.
Shake vigorously! Strain over a large block of ice and garnish with a kiwi and a wedge of grapefruit! Cheers!



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