the ruby sparkler

We’re well into the season of celebrating and I’m soaking up every minute of it. From my best friend’s recent wedding to the holiday party invitations that are rolling in, this time of year truly brings out the celebrator in me.

I get giddy during this season because I know it means double the opportunity to gather with loved ones near and far- and for me that always includes picky bits and drinks aplenty!

Earlier this fall, my darling friend Anne Sage┬áinvited me over to a girls night she was hosting, and naturally, I brought along a cocktail recipe and everything needed to whip it up. I’m a whisky gal and loved the opportunity to introduce a less intimidating way to drink this spirit that’s most commonly associated with men, to a fabulous group of ladies.

We called it The Ruby Sparkler and it’s the perfect cocktail to serve up this holiday season. It’s got everything- a slight sweetness, that delicious smoky essence thanks to the whisky, and some bubbly, because why not?!

The Ruby Sparkler is easy to assemble and is a festive and chic cocktail to serve this season, for whatever you may catch yourself celebrating. Try it!

The Ruby Sparkler

1 part bourbon
1 part rhubarb spirits {I love this one from Art In The age}
Juice of half a ruby red grapefruit
Champagne, for topping it all off
Slice of grapefruit and/or grapefruit peel twist, for garnish

Measure each ingredient into a tumbler over ice, then give it all a good stir. Top with champagne, then garnish with your sliced grapefruit and a curled grapefruit peel. Cheers!



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