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women & whiskies at vivane with how you glow

This year, I’ve had so much fun hosting a handful of Women & Whiskies events throughout LA. One of my most cherished things in life is bringing the people I love together in one room to celebrate, to connect, and just to be together. The joy of Women & Whiskies is that they are intent on bringing amazing women together, celebrating the power of women, and empowering women to drink something that is historically considered a man’s drink. My darling friends, Jessie and Tara, from How You Glow, partnered with me to create an epic night of cocktails, conversation, and connection on the beautiful patio at Viviane. We gathered some of our favorite LA women and created an evening to remember.

Viviane is beautiful. First, the ambiance. Second, the food- it is so ridiculously gorgeous and delicious. We snacked the evening away on charcuterie, tapenade, hummus, olives, and so many more picky bits. And the girls from How You Glow are just the most darling, with energy that is so full of life and inviting.

Ryan, who runs the bar program over at Viviane, crafted three delightful cocktails. We sipped a round of each, jumped in and out of conversation, and enjoyed our evening by the pool. The cocktails were the Jimmy’s Collins, which is Russell’s Reserve 6yr Rye Whiskey, lemon, bitters, and muddled orange. Then we moved onto the Kentucky Buck, made with Wild Turkey Rye, cold pressed ginger juice, lime, and soda. Lastly, but honestly my favorite whiskey cocktail (you can see a recipe here!), we sipped the Boulevardier with Russell’s Reserve 10yr Bourbon, Campari, and Cinzano 1757.

After a few cocktails and all the delicious bites, we gathered for a 30 minute class called Whiskey 101, taught by Chantelle of Women & Whiskies. I think this class is probably my favorite part of W&W events. Not only do I learn something new every. single. time, but I also happen to love watching my friends ooooh and ahhh over gaining a new language and understanding of whiskey. For example, do you know the difference between Whiskey and Whisky? It’s all in the countrie’s name! For example, if your whiskey is made in a country whose name has an “E” in the spelling, then it’s Whiskey (i.e. America, Ireland, etc.). BUT if your Whisky comes from a country whose name doesn’t have an “E” then it’s Whisky! (i.e. Canada, Scotland, Japan). Nuts, right?

If you’d like to learn more about attending one of these Women & Whiskey events, shoot me an email or be on the lookout on my Events page for the next one!

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